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• 17 years downtown Luna Spa has closed but Sunrise 302 open

• Stunning white girl Jenny downtown at SpringGreen Spa

• On the Danforth Angeling Spa has closed

• In Scarborough QQ Spa has a new owner July 10th

• LA Times reports growth of massage industry in California

• Yonge/Lawrence Oriental Anita 36D-23-36 back from vacation!

• In Indonesia plane crashes into massage parlour and hotel

• Hot dark-skinned Asian at Fujiyama Spa today

• At 1729 Bloor W Aqua Health Centre opened near Keele Subway Stop

• From USA Vice Magazine produces provokative video

• SRM 1 is undergoing a major renovation. The high ceilings look great!

• Every city in Canada deserves a lounge like Club CMJ in Ottawa

• Looking to explore a fantasy, there is a Fetish Studio in Brampton

The Conservatives are Spending Millions Attacking Justin Trudeau.

The federal Conservatives are spending millions of dollars on television ads attacking Justin Trudeau this summer. Reportedly these are working since they influence people of all ages and affiliations. Even though Trudeau is doing poorly in the polls, it is thought that he may be excellent in the upcoming debates.

Be weary of Stephen Harper and the Conservatives. They've screwed up our oil industy, slowed the economy and hurt our currency overseas. Despite the Supreme Court ruling, the Conservatives brought in Bill C-36 anyway.

Drake has given Toronto a New Sexy Name: The 6.

In June 2014, singer Drake announced that his new album will be named "Views from the 6". The term "the 6" refers to Toronto. It makes sense in two ways. a) Toronto has two telephone area codes: 416 and 647. b) Metro Toronto was also amalgamated in the 1990s from six municipalities.
Drake may succeed where Rob Ford and others have failed. He might be able in propel Toronto into becoming one of the coolest and sexiest cities in the world. He certainly gives off a different vibe than John Tory, David Miller, Rob Ford or Mel Lastman.
Drake appears to truly love his metropolis. Althought his teenage years in Toronto were difficult, he likes to sing and talk about Toronto. The diverse nature of the city must be appealing to him. It is likely he enjoys the massage parlours as well when Rihanna is not around.
And don't forget Drake's own words: "I'm Black and I'm Jewish"

Toronto's Rub and Tug Movie was No Masterpiece.

It has been over ten years since the release of the Toronto Rub and Tug movie. Who even remembers that it existed? It starred Don McKellar who was a pretty big name at the time.
Wanting more free time for himself, Lawrence, the owner of a full body massage parlor, hires a new manager for the store. The person he hires for the job is Conrad, a seemingly nice but feckless man. Conrad's main responsibility as manager is to ensure that the three masseuses working there are not doing full service jobs, i.e. having sex with the clients, otherwise the police could shut the store down. Lawrence is sure the three are performing full service jobs so that they can make more money. Those three are cynical and acerbic tongued Betty who has a longer term financial plan for her life beyond her current work, nipple fetishist. Lea who is hiding her profession from her boyfriend Henry, and Asian Cindy, a naive woman who is working in Canada illegally. Cindy is hoping to find a Canadian husband - even one in a marriage of convenience - so that she can stay in Canada and make a decent living to support her family back home.
I'm afraid this one is pretty dreadful, despite several good performances and generally competent acting-for-the-camera direction. It's a first and last attempt by writer-director Soo Lyu. "Rub and Tug" (2002) is one of the unfortunate by-products of Canada's program to promote home-grown film-making. While the program encourages worthwhile efforts like "New Waterford Girl" it opens the door for untalented novices like Lyu who did not have to aggressively pitch this project but was green-lighted without an adequate examination of her script or her credentials. You don't mind the low budget because the shabby production design, bad lighting, poor audio, and dreary docu-style shot selection is consistent with the subject matter; the workers in Canadian massage parlors. But the dialogue and the plotting doesn't give the actors anything to work with, the editor much to assemble, or a viewer any mental challenge other than suspension of disbelief. When your story is this simplistic the last thing you need is a muddled storytelling technique; even though nothing happens, the movie is hard to follow and point-of-view impossible to pin down. Don McKellar's performance as Conrad is several notches below his similar characterization in "Exotica". Lindy Booth's Lea is her standard quirky airhead; as always she is likable but here she is little else. Kira Clavell's Cindy is a pleasant surprise, a kind of Asian Shelley Duval. The only other role of any consequence, Tara Spencer-Nairn's street-wise Betty, more than cancels out her excellent performance in "New Waterford Girl". Her shallow performance in "Rub and Tug" should curtail any tendency to seek out other films in which she has appeared; unless you need further confirmation of "Waterford" director Alan Moyle's skill in working with young actors. You quickly conclude that Lyu's reptilian brain cannot grasp concepts like plot complexity, so the need to insert a lazy and lame "deus ex machina" device toward the end is hardly a surprise. Still it could be worse, the listless story has so little internal logic anyway that the unlikely ending is not as painful as would normally be the case. Seems to be a very true-to-life portrayal of life in a body rub parlor. The movie tries not to be judgemental about the work these women do, but does present it from their point of view. A lot of daily challenges, of going far enough without going too far, keeping it legal, etc. Don McKellar was brilliant as the nerdy manager of the parlor, who seemed to be in way over his head with this job. He gradually got very good at this job in a big way. There's a very twisted humorous ending that came out of nowhere. Extremely imaginative. It sort of kept true to the nature of these people, where nothing is as it seems on the surface.

The Supreme Court of Canada Has Ruled All Aspects Of Prostitution Legal

On Friday Dec 20th, 2013, the Supreme Court of Canada upheld the decision of Ontario Judge Susan Himmel from 2012. Himmel had ruled that criminalizing aspects of prostitution was against the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Himmel agreed with Bedford and lawyer Alan Young that the old rules forced sexworkers to work on the streets in an unsafe manner. Parliament has one year to enact new laws before this ruling takes effect.
This decision does not overrule the right of municiplities to regulate the skin trade. Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton and Winnipeg are likely to react quickly. Judging by recent history, the licensing WILL NOT BE CONSISTENT across Canada.
Toronto may allow licensed brothels when a new mayor is elected in 2018. Although many deny it, the licensing of massage parlours around Toronto has been very effective. The same system could be extended to brothels without much effort.
No meaningful decision is possible under the current lame duck regime at Toronto City Hall. The lack of leadership extends across the adult industries as well. The sexworker groups do not agree on matters. Neither do the body rub, holistic spa and strip club owners. The government bodies also are in disagreement with each other. The departments at city hall can not work together. The police across Canada remains highly fractured. In this political climate, it is best to keep the laws as simple as possible.

How do you deal with an Iranian prison guard? Joke about massage parlours in USA

Comedian Jon Stewart of The Daily Show has directed a film about a Canadian journalist friend, Maziar Bahari, who was jailed in Iran. This journalist was able to gain the upper hand over his prison guard by telling him about a magical city in America full of massage parlours. When the guard asked him about his visits to New Jersey, he told him that it was to visit Fort Lee. The city was converted allegedly from a military town to a magical playground full of massage parlours. One of the most amazing massages is called a Persian massage and consists of three girls touching you.

The Seven Massage Parlour Videos That Got Our Attention

2015 is definately the year of the Lick Job

Massage girls are always adjusting to the situation and instead of doing a body slide which requires energy many are opting to perform a slow sensual lick job. This trend gained steam in the beginning of 2012 and remains strong. These lick jobs usually include ten or twenty generous licks and some blowing and teasing of the ahole. Its unclear how this developed. Japan is usually the starting place for sex trends but Chinese girls would largely reject anything coming from Japan. Thailand is another common origin for sexual techniques but Thai blowjobs are unlikely to change much so these Toronto lick jobs must have a starting place away from Bangkok and Phuket. It has been reported that the modern Lick Job comes from Shanghai


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